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After 15 years of designing and implementing enterprise, direct-to-consumer and blockchain technology, I burned myself out. I’ve worked with incredibly powerful technology but exhausted myself on the obsessive, yet all too often empty, talk of the power of technical innovation. Recognizing that the climate catastrophe has already begun, I asked myself what is the best thing to do with the skills I’ve gained over my 35 year career. I found the ideal lens in the field of conservation and the idea of survival ecology, “refocusing the field on safeguarding a planetary system in which humans and other species can thrive.” 

But I’m no ecologist. I propose to critically examine at the gamut of technology that makes up our networked age, to evaluate it through the only lens that still matters, survival. Hayduke was launched to actively work to rewild the internet, to make it a tool of survival, of opposition, of hope in midst of the climate emergency.I started Hayduke as a way of bringing together many threads of my life and career, 30+ years on long-distance backpacking trails and 15+ years in solution design.

Hayduke is an independent and capacity building project with a mission to strengthen climate related civil society organizations and movements with privacy preserving and decentralized information technologies. To reclaim the promise of the internet for the only fight that still matters

Our Mission

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